Thursday, January 24, 2019

Twitter, like Facebook, has seen its business model turn into a runaway train

Who is worse on this echo chamber amplification, Facebook or Twitter?

Farhad Manjoo has an op-ed in the New York Times, “Never Tweet”  He notes how the “carefree coffeehouse of journalism” has turned into an information warground that has released the worst tribal instincts of those addicted to group identarianism.  Brian Stelter picked up on this on his own CNN column

In the meantime Insider has banned Twitter at work
Tim Pool keeps condemning Twitter and threatening to get off it and stays on it. He also thinks journalists are more important than op-ed commentators, who are getting laid off in droves, like at Buzzfeed.  (Gaywonk – Carlos Maza --  tweeted that everybody in sub-establishment media is on edge now.) 
Pools’s Timcasts often pick apart news stories in comparison.  Is this original journalism or is it commentary.  I think it is the latter, although there is no question Pool has paid his dues, at Occupy events and other live happenings and direct interviews.   I do worry about the ideological arguments that can be made about political content offered for free, whether under patronage or just assets accumulated from other activity. 

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