Sunday, January 13, 2019

Timcast looks at toxic masculinity and femininity; Introducing Niskanen (left-side libertarianism?)

George Gilder used to write that women are sexually superior back in the 1980s, and that men tend to become parasites unless they marry and have children.

Feminism was already happening. And these days the far radical Left has been portraying all masculinity as toxic.  The LGBT community struggles with the dichotomy of fluidity – the desire to be free from gender obligation – and the upward affiliation for masculinity experienced by most gay men.

Tim Pool gets into the idea of “toxic masculinity” in his video today, and he even unintentionally ventures toward the Rosenfels polarities.

Then he gets to “toxic femininity” (and intersectional feminism) as helicopter parenting.

I also wanted to mention the Niskanen Center, which, compared to Cato, is more amenable to “better regulation” of some big businesses to maintain sustainability – prevent 2008, prevent environmental catastrophe, and the like.  The problem with pure libertarianism is, in part, that the “corporate state” can take over if allowed monopolies – that’s what is happening to many conservative speakers who are getting deplatformed by the hidden biases of payment processors.

Brink Lindsey, of the Center, writes “We don’t need tobe so polarized: let’s be pro market and pro government”. It’s adapted from an essay “The Center Can Hold: Public Policy for an Age of Extremes”.

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