Friday, January 04, 2019

OK, to be fair with some publications, I'll charge myself a small "link tax" even in the U.S.

Continuing yesterday’s discussion, I wanted to add some comments on links to publications that have paywalls.

I do have subscriptions to several major newspapers ( explained Dec. 26) and a few periodicals.

In cases where I do not, I’ll follow one of a few options, in effect charging myself a kind of “link tax”, in parallel with the EU’s proposed Article 11 “link tax” (I am in the US).

When the periodical is a magazine with regular print issues, I’ll try to find the print in a retail place (CVS, BN, etc) and purchase a hardcopy. I’ll try to do this for at least one out of every four links to that publication.  Otherwise, on the fifth or greater link I’ll do a subscription (effective Jan. 1, 2019).

With a site that asks for donations, I’ll try to do this at least once for every four links, but the donation will be small.  I’ll keep private records of the non-free links I use.

A few publications are quite aggressive in their begging for donations to “speak for me”, which I resent. Truthout is one of the worst, although some of their articles are very good and not as extreme Left as the editorial position of the site as a whole.
It is rare for me to have a reason to link to a European story (probably in a foreign language) outside of the UK or perhaps the EU parliament itself.

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