Sunday, January 06, 2019

Lawsuit against Grindr (dating app) could poke another hole in Section 230

David Ingram has a story on NBC about still “another” lawsuit, dating to 2017, that could poke another hole in Section 230.  Bearing Drift in Charlottesville shared the story yesterday. 
The suit (Herrick v. Grindr), in New York is against Grindr by a man who says he was harassed by an ex repeatedly, and that a flaw in the app allowed this to happen. Apparently fake profiles of him were created, leading to “suitors” to come to his door, creating obvious nuisance and genuine security problems (that is, doxing).

This would be the first Section 230 case that I know of based on an app as opposed to a site.  I don’t use dating apps, which can also be affected by FOSTA.
 Electronic Frontier Foundation has an important article by Aaron Mackey about challenges by plaintiffs to platforms hosting content that turns out to support terrorism, link

Update: April 8, 2019

Jamie Williams writes for EFF that the Second Circuit has affirmed the dismissal of this lawsuit, article

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