Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I set up a "Minds" account and Facebook won't link to it!; also did Steemit

I have set up an account on Minds.  The url is this.  
I have placed one blog post, simply my April 1, 2018 video “A Dangerous Thought Experiment”, 4 minutes.  I uploaded a copy of the video to Minds.  (It was on my harddrive, but it was no longer in Google Drive, don’t know why.)   

I’ll refresh everyone’s memory on what is in this Thought Experiment by re-embedding this video now.

I provided the link to the new account in a tweet, no problems.

But when I tried to link it from a Facebook post, whether with my own subaccount or not, Facebook threw up (figuratively) a captcha and claimed that site is insecure and violates community standards.
The only explanation I get from friends is that Minds is “competition”. 

True, it dabbles in cryptocurrency and tokens (to avoid payment processors and Patreon-like problems, perhaps). I haven’t yet set up my “Ethereum wallet” or fully learned how to use the site.  I’m not sure how the editor looks; it doesn’t seem to be a Gutenberg block editor, which is what I would have expected  (Medium’s does seem to be that.)
I’ll take a look at Steemit soon.
I also want to mention Alexandria Casio-Ortez's letter to some tech companies today for supporting LibertyCon2019 with it alleged propogation of climate change denial -- which I did not see when I attended it. Here is Bloomberg's article. Note that politicians seem to want to encourage tech companies to muzzle speakers who keep certain ideas in circulation, supposedly bad for the future common good, or particularly that would legitimatize ideas that could put more political pressure in the future on some intersectional minorities. My own position is that climate change is real and needs a systematic strategy. 

And finally, note also criticism of an Obama era rule that took away the franchise business's equivalent to "Section 230", story in Hotair.

 Update: Jan. 30 
 I also set up Steemit.  It did go through the free verification process and the account was set up immediately (it did not take a week).  There is just a shell blog there now. 

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