Sunday, January 20, 2019

EU Article 13 seems to meet strong resistance at the last minute, before it gets "approved"

“BoingBoing” reports that the Trilogue vote on Article 13 (and the rest of the Copyright Directive) has apparently been delayed past Jan. 21 and might hopefully be delayed considerably, preventing it from getting implemented anytime soon in the various countries or even at all. 

But the details of the story are dark indeed.  Axel Voss is painted as the villain behind a plan by big media companies to be forced to go out of business unless bought out by media and newspaper companies.  It’s hard to imagine if this could happen to US companies.  But, no doubt, they wanted to stop low-cost media outlets and independent speakers from operating, claiming that independent and micro journalists undermine the ability of professionals to make a living – pure protectionism.

The killer seems to be that the largest American tech companies were figuring out how to comply wit the directive, as Lior Lesig had explained in some recent superchat videos on YouTube.  YouTube’s Content-Id comes reasonably close, after all.  Boing also reports that a lot of “dark money” was behind the proposal. As an indirect result, even the established legacy media businesses in Europe realize that they could actually be less profitable if it passes, however ironic and shocking this is to them. 
There is also a belief, especially in the US, among Leftist activists, that individualized micro media hurts them, because there is a lot less solidarity and support for intersectional ideas, and less willingness among the better off liberals (like cis white gay men) to help fight for POC, trans, etc.  If people have to be organized and allow bureaucratic PAC’s speak for them, then the interests of the least well-off are more likely to be included.  In the mean time, more moderate people simply give up in supporting political campaigns in the manner expected in the past, and politics gets hollowed out.  
This seems to be happening in Europe, too, with the shocking rise of white nationalism.

 Cory Doctorow has a similar story for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, here. 

But Mitch Stolz wrote an article warning that the music and movie industry wants to weaken DMCA Safe Harbor, for all its flaws, in the US. 

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