Friday, January 18, 2019

A new News Check rating app coming? Also a "freepress" site calls out people it wants all platforms to ban

There is a new product under development called the “NewsCheckTrust Index    It appears that this will become an app which can score websites you visit for the quality of news displayed on it.  This would expand on earlier ideas of website safety ratings (like "web of trust").  In an environment without guaranteed network neutrality, it sounds feasible that some day telecoms could refuse connection to sites with insufficient ratings. That's a reason to go to https, for starters. 

This would probably be available at first only for larger news groups and only later for smaller ones.
But it could provide both a hurdle and a boost to independent media, depending on you how you look at it.

The side encourages visitors today to “enlist” for updates and further information.

On Jan. 5 here, I discussed a site called “Change the Terms”, which urges for international norms on terms of service (regardless of the US First Amendment ) especially regarding hate speech.  Although the Terms in the document sound largely reasonable, the whole idea of hate speech is very subjective and seems to be defined by the target which can be a very combative identarian group.  Any gratuitous speech about the group by non-members might be construed as “hate speech”, comparable to the Jyllends-Posten Cartoon Controversy, for example.

Yet a group called “Freepress” (an ironic title), as mentioned by Tim Pool in a post with extremely intersectional arguments (like POC don’t have free speech) and is particularly targeting Alex Jones.  (No, David Hogg is not an extraterrestrial, although it wouldn’t matter to me if he was.)  I can imagine reasons that, with arguments extreme enough, I could be banned, for my past “collusion” with the establishment back in the days of the military draft. Even “manifest observable behavior” is a fluid concept.

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