Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Will Maoism soon govern what speech is acceptable online?

Computing Forever is parsing Tim Cook’s own virtue signaling about banning hate speech trolls from tech platforms.  Yup, it started with attacks on Milo Yiannopoulos (his “Ghostbusters” banning from Twitter).  After Charlottesville, it became a way of life.

NBC News weighed in on this with a brief story by Alyssa Newcomb.

Now Colin Wright in Quillette talks about the denial of science and evolutionary biology on the far Left, because that requires binary gender, most of the time.  While gender may drive sexual fulfillment (and family and procreation) for many, it is an inconvenient truth for the new identarian Left.

The Tim Pool, a few days ago, analyzed an article (from Feb. 2018) from Atheism and the City (likw rhw 60’s song “Summer in the City”) that “social justice” had become the new religion of the far Left.

A couple of points are really dangerous.  One is the idea that no one has a right to talk about someone in another intersectional group unless the speaker belongs to the group too.  Anything else would be defined as “hate speech”.  That’s the ultimate “skin in the game” idea (when Taleb himself is a conservative).  That would cause practically all individual political speech to be banned online unless it belongs to an organization – solidarity and taking sides becomes required.
The other is that it is forbidden to say you won’t date a trans person (or an old person or a fat person or a person from another race – etc).  One’s own personal life is a kind of speech now (which was a problem when I was at NIH back in 1962). Milo Yiannopoulos has repeatedly warned about this idea on his “Dangerous” site.    Maybe the Left could demand that only people in relationships are online, or maybe only people with registered community service are allowed to have accounts.  Could Maoism take over the Internet?
 As for Carlos Maza's (Vox) tweet that "deplatforming works", I wrote a response today

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