Friday, December 07, 2018

Facebook seems to be influenced by FOSTA as it, likes Tumblr, expands bans on some sexually explicit content

Eliot Harmon at Electronic Frontier Foundation explains that Facebook’s new policy banning “implicit sexual solicitation” only makes some users honeypots for trolls. 

Like Tumblr’s recently announced ban on nudity, it seems inspired in large part by FOSTA.
Today, at a symposium, “The Future of Speech Online”, at the Newseum in Washington DC, one of the speakers explained the indirect harm still being caused by FOSTA as shutting down much indirect match making online.
Facebook’s actual rule is pretty explicit, here. It does not mention FOSTA, but instead explains the policy in terms of vulnerable user intimidation. 
YouTube (Google) has plenty of soft-core videos that could be reasonably viewed as violating these standards if Google wanted to apply them.
In the past, I’ve seen posts by third parties (female) on my Facebook timeline that would have violated these rules. I had tried to ignore them.

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