Monday, December 03, 2018

Can blogging for its own sake still make money? (Well, did it ever?)

In a large post Nov. 18 I did refer to the Blogging advocacy company “Blogtyrant” and former owner Ramsay Taplin’s explanation of why he sold it after nine years.
Here’s a new iTunes preview of “The Blogging Millionaire”, going after which niches can really pay their won way in today’s “skin in the game” environment.  
I don’t think this idea lends itself to weekend hotel seminars (somehow I’m reminded of cash flow management seminars fifteen years ago).
Normally, a blog makes money if the underlying transactional business succeeds, and it’s very unlikely many people can earn a living as amateur “journalists”.  Most successful blogs are successful niches.  You have to be good at the niche.  If you are a chess grandmaster who wins tournaments, yes, you could do an endgame coaching blog and get subscribers. (For my money, Magnus Carlsen could help a baseball team manage its winter trades;  building a pro sports team is a form of playing chess.) 
Of course, Timcast and News2Share, I hope, are the exceptions.  (Pool says he wants to build a fully mobile studio now.)  Maybe I can be if I hang in there, but the political climate is getting more hostile.  “Why don’t you raise money for the poor?” Is the rebuttal I get.  It becomes ideological, even Marxist.

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