Thursday, November 29, 2018

"SmartNews" for mobile devices aims to help reduce polarization in user news feeds

OK, here’s my own little contribution to stopping polarization and echo chambers.

I downloaded the SmartNews app on my iPhone.  I had to gumshoe my own notes to find my Apple account password because I don’t use it that much.  There is also a product for Android. 
It doesn’t seem to work on a PC (not sure about a MacBook).  There are five rainbow banners: Top (red), Entertainment (orange), lifestyle (green), U.S. (Facebook-blue) and Politics (purple, of course). Where is yellow? 
The news stories they cite tend to come from larger, well-known newspapers and sites. Many but not all are sites with their own paywalls.  Some stories are reformatted. Both conservative (Fox) and more left-leaning (CNN) sites are referenced.

This idea could comport with my suggestion of developing a business for consolidated paywalls to be run from social media sites like Facebook (Oct. 24).

The trend toward delivery content in apps (at least to mobile devices) rather than in browsers still needs to be noted.  It could be looking forward to a day when, without network neutrality, some telecoms could throttle some content, even if they haven’t done this (very much) so far.

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