Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Incels, "camgirls", and whistleblowing; are FOSTA and maybe Chris Hansen in the background waiting?

I hadn’t reported this story because it sounded so silly.

But “right wing incels” have been encouraged to report sex workers (as “whistleblowers”) to the IRS under the hashtag “#ThotAudit, which started on more than one social media platform.  It may have started on Facebook with David Wu.  

Newsweek has a typical story with many tweets. 

In the video above, gamer Ft. Sargon of Akkad discusses the problem with Tim Pool. Toward the end of the video, Pool and Sargon get into discussing the relative social value of women v. men -- Pool sounds like George Gilder from "Men and Marriage" (1986) here. Women have high social value early in adulthood, and men are supposed to labor from a low station in life to provide for them. As men get older, the men who succeed in the competition tend to take on more social value than women, which hurts women who didn't "settle down" during childbearing years -- and having kids really does affect women's station in life more than men (obviously) once women got to work.  I've covered these ideas in my books (esp. DADT I, Chapters 1, 3, and 5) a lot and said pretty much the same things. "Economic Invincibility" has said similar things when talking about MGTOWS (also this). 
Curiously none of the stories mention the passage of FOSTA last spring, which may expose the sex workers to more penalties and in some cases (because of weakening of Section 230) the platforms that had hosted them.  But of course there would be questions as to whether trading photos (by “camgirls”) is “sex work”.
Trading photos could invite police decoys trying to entrap people who want to contact minors (Chris Hansen’s series.)

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