Friday, November 30, 2018

EU concerns over downstream liability erasure (with Article 13) increase; Congress could give Trump power to appoint copyright czar; my allergy to identarianism

Cory Doctorow ends the month of November with a more detailed discussion on how the EU #Article13 indirectly requires filters, which Voss and the Parliament deny. 

 He also re-explains the concept of downstream liability protection, which is in the US is well known from DMCA safe harbor and Section 230 (for different problems).
And EFF sent an email (with no URL yet) advising on an outstanding proposal that would take copyright management away from the Library of Congress and give it to the president, subject to political influence from big media (think what is happening in Europe, just above). QZ has an old post from March 2017 here.  I’ll follow up on this.  Is this a danger during the lame duck session of Congress before the Democrats take over the House on Jan. 3? 
I wanted to note that I get a lot of requests to review books, movies, interview people, and so on.  I have guidelines posted in Wordpress.  Yesterday I rather impulsively responded to one of these about some obviously very Leftist material that I don’t do “identarian” materials, or those that promote dealing with problems just on claims of group oppression.  I didn’t realize that “identarian” and “identitarian” are different concepts (with the extra syllable it refers to an extreme right-wing movement).  I do welcome individualized stories about people who overcame something as long as the narrative isn’t simply based on overcoming discrimination only on a perceived group membership.

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