Saturday, November 24, 2018

ContraPoints makes important video on the dangers of debating normally with the "alt-right"

Here is a particularly disturbing but important video from “ContraPoints” (whose videos I have sometimes presented on my Movie Reviews blog). It is “Decrypting the Alt-Right”.

A transgender woman Roxanne narrates with illustration.  One point is that fascism, as described here, does aim for a (white) ethno-state or “homeland”.  This is an idea that has never had any particular meaning for me, but which we see all around the world (like Israel and Palestine).

What Roxanne points out is that “centrists” can be fooled by alt-right code euphemistic words (and gaslighting) and downplaying.  Seemingly moderate and sensible immigration policies might be a step toward fascism, she argues.  Speech with dangerous ultimate intentions can be hidden with socially acceptable metaphors. That could make normal debate on issues by amateurs impossible.

This makes centrist criticism of the far Left or social justice warriors more problematic.

Some of her comments to seem extreme. I would not have considered Lee Atwater a pre-fascist (he collapsed giving a speech in 1989 and died of a brain tumor after a period of penitence forced by the illness). 

Her discussion of the adoption of new memes is disturbing.
She is very determined that the alt-right not be allowed to have platforms and seems to be pointing to the particular problems for continued open free speech online, as covered here with the stories about purges and de-platformings.  Her video seems hyperbolic, and suggests that normally acceptable individual content could be subversion from foreign agents or hidden right wing extremism and white supremacy.

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