Thursday, November 15, 2018

Are more users quitting social media, either for a break, or permanently?; also, another "problem" with Gab (which is back up)

On a day when the New York Times reported in gross detail on the further sims of Facebook (to be covered later), the Washington Post reports on more people quitting or suspending social media, as in this story by Elizabeth Dowskin, link .
The user, Bailey, had worked for Instagram at one time and reportedly had helped create the world of user generated content.  But she told people this was her last post.   

She felt that social media had let to people being driven for a need for celebrity, not real interactions with others (which Facebook has been trying to goad recently.

But many adults don’t live with the up-front intimacy that earlier generations did.

Personally, I’ve never experienced the “viciousness” or angry echo chambers you hear about.

But it’s true, the gratuitous of a lot of speech substitutes for a lot of up front interaction and exacerbates a economic climate where many people fall further behind and where there is less social capital, except in well-integrated faith or intentional communities.  Otherwise, you have no community where you “belong”.  This even drives a lot of the angry politics, especially from the Left.
Emma Brown et al described the radicalization that has, in practice, led to Gab (which is back up), here

I suppose if you join, you probably would need permission to follow someone to see how "radical" he was.

I’ve only had one Twitter user block me that I know of (at the end of 2015, under bizarre circumstances). But others have sometimes disappeared for no reason. 

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