Friday, October 12, 2018

Tim Pool offers a good explanation of what really happened with Facebook Purge 3.0

Tim Pool ("Timcast") has a good explanation of what drove the sudden Facebook Purge 3.0 Thursday.

Pool thinks that a lot of the accounts used the Facebook multiple admin system improperly. He gives the example of Rachel Blevins.  If you allow other admins on your page and they break the rules, then you get banned to.  It is similar in concept to “link farming” in blogging (previous post).  An irony is that Facebook encourages the use of multiple admin privileges on a page, and I was told that when my attempt to boost a "political" non-commercial post on a page was turned down because I couldn't be identified by their third party advertisers (see my Sept. 18 post). 

He also thinks that Facebook shares information with Twitter on some of its account closures, because Twitter says it will close accounts for some off-platform behavior (as last December).
He doesn’t think Facebook and Twitter are being “ideological” but they may be trying to weed out the extremes about what can be discussed in public on their platforms before the elections.  I would worry about not only the content per se, but a filter on "who" should be allowed to speak, based on ideas like "skin in the game" or "community engagement" or rejection of "privilege". 

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