Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The EU link tax is still on the table during the trilogue

Cory Doctorow reminds us of the problems with the EU proposed link tax in a recent article
Many observers feel that the link tax would not affect content creators outside of the EU unless they have an unusual reason to link to a European (probably foreign language) site, although I can think of subject matter that would justify it. (How about right-wing authoritarianism and populism in some countries?)
It’s still unclear if smaller sites would be affected, and how many words of text would need to be quoted – or would it be a flat ban on hyperlinking without a license?
It’s interesting, and perverse, how Spain, on its own, tried “protectionism” for its traditional publishers by refusing to allow publishers to lowball each other.   Spain is one of the countries more active in the past on “the right to be forgotten”.

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