Sunday, October 07, 2018

"SOLID" offers users a decentralized web experience with their PII completely under their control

Tim Berners-Lee has announced plans in detail for offering users a new decentralized way to interact with the Web, from cloud-controlled “pods” that they control that contain all of their PII.  These pods then connect to various apps, including social media sites as we know them now, as well as ride-sharing, news downloads, weather, all kinds of things.

The best article describing this facility, called SOLID, is at “Private Internet Access”, here
SOLID, or "social linked data", is currently hosted at MIT in Cambridge, MA.   There is a start-up called Inrupt, which will administer the open source. 
Conventional access to Web 1.0 sites from the pods probably would not be affected.  But the project certainly reflects a generation of users who are more interested  in direct communications with others than in raw content. And it's hard to see how the business models of current social media giants could continue to work the way they do now. 

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