Monday, October 29, 2018

Social media regulation is coming like a runaway train

Tim Pool discussed the inevitability of more social media regulation tonight.

He says that Facebook is more neutral in enforcing its rules than Twitter (despite the confusion of the Purge on Oct. 11). For example, Facebook will suspend for attacking white people as a group just as for attacking black people;  it does not follow the idea of a legally protected class literally.

The Left wants to regulate free speech in order combat oppression at the group level – and the groups keep growing.  The Right wants freedom of speech because it is better for localism and some conservative ideas (and libertarian).  The alt-Right may want a tribal patriarchy (as Umair Haque claims all capitalism wants), but generally the mainstream right is more like Reagan – family values but with a lot more flexibility today than in the past.

Pool made a comment that people could be banned on Twitter for insisting the gender is binary.  The Left regards this as an existential issue for some people, and right simply sees it as a political issue. I have often written about the reason for gender conformity in the past – like when we had a male-only draft.  It would sound like a straw-man argument to ban me for reminding everyone of this history (like it could renew the threat of the draft needlessly) but maybe that is possible.  The most reputable science (as on the LGBT blog Oct 22, in response to the Trump administration’s plan) says that gender in higher mammals (primates and probably even carnivores) is not strictly binary.  (It isn’t in some invertebrate animals, also.)   How you deal with this in the military is then a policy issue.  (By the way, even the Left SJW’s overlook that Selective Service requires registration by birth biological male gender – why doesn’t the Left lobby on that issue? – you may not be able to define birth male gender as precisely as the law assumes).

The other big news of the day continues to be the fallout from the no-platforming of Gab. However, at least one “Christian” site, Life Site News, claims it was kicked off. It seems to have made a temporary arrangement (maybe running its own server).  I found the original story on Breitbart, and went to the site.  I have serious questions about the factual credibility of some of what I saw, so I am trying to have some large media outlets do some fact checking (no major news sites have reported it).

However, it appears that there may be an effort to smear and ban a few “homophobic” sites, such as happened to a site in New Zealand as early as 2011.  Even as a gay man, I do not want to see this happen.  Westboro Baptist Church was still up the last time I looked.  It is not a threat to my safety.  

I’ll keep tabs on this and give links when they are credible enough.

By the way, if a site is de-platformed by a webhost, running its own server may be possible.  People have done this from their own homes, even apartments.  But you can’t have a domain name without the approval of a registrar, which then has to follow the policies of a TLD provider (like Verisign), which can be vulnerable to political pressure given all the online abuses around 

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