Saturday, October 20, 2018

Panel discussion today on independent media after Facebook, Twitter purges

Today Ford Fischer of News2Share shared an hour long panel discussion (apparently in Washington DC today, maybe JCCDC) including Mint Press, GeoPolitics Alert, and Anti-Media on “independent media and covering anti-war activism in the era of social media censorship”. Here is the link.  There will probably a more permanent one on the site or on YouTube soon.

Here is Ford’s Patreon link

There is discussion of the situation in Syria.

There was an incident where Ford filmed a policeman at a demonstration in the Capitol and posted it on YouTube, which asked Ford to edit out the face of the policeman for his privacy!  There had been an earlier incident where Facebook took down a live stream of Ford’s in a dispute over what is a valid proprietary livestream.  This problem (livestream interruption) seems to have reoccurred Thurs. Oct. 11 when Ford was filming at the same time that the Facebook Purge was happening.

One member of the audience encouraged readers to donate or subscribe to independent outlets, don’t count on it being free (I discussed this issue with respect to my own setup yesterday’s post, and there are issues).

The question of “peer review” came up.  There is a big difference between opinion pieces and first-hand accounts or live streams.

A commenter suggests consolidation of donations into a company that supplies an independent media app. 
Fischer said that there are not practical alternatives to Facebook and Twitter right now. 

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