Tuesday, October 02, 2018

I "contribute" to a couple of org's to encourage them to work together; significant lawsuit, related to FOSTA and CDA230, against Facebook

I am starting to follow up a bit on the issues I raised Sept. 18 with my Facebook “advertorial”.
I’ve made initial donations (relatively modest) to the Center for Democracy and Technology, and to the Cato Institute.  I will probably follow up with small monthly donations from my trust accounts, but those are done privately (I do discuss how I do these a bit on the Wordpress “Notes” blog supporting my books).

There would be the possibility of encouraging one of these groups to run the essay on its page and get the post boosted. 

I already work with Electronic Frontier Foundation and visited EFF while in San Francisco two weeks ago. However EFF mostly deals with actual litigation in progress, or with actual bills already proposed (particularly in Congress, sometimes with states, sometimes overseas as with the EU Copyright Directive issue).  The other two organizations seem to be more “strategic” in nature.
I generally don't join "groups" or promote them "gratuitously", but I am rethinking my "strategy" given the political climate, indeed. 

Also, there is some news relevant to FOSTA.  A woman is suing Facebook for allowing someone to make himself a “friend” and then lure her into sex trafficking when she was 15.  She is represented by the same attorney who is assisting other plaintiffs sue hotel chains.  NBC Washington has the news story here. It is not clear yet from the story whether Facebook would have been protected by Section 230, or whether FOSTA could hold it responsible now (even retroactively, according to the language of the statute) or would do so if the offense occurred today.
It does seem stupid to meet someone who just “friended” you on social media under questionable circumstances.

This could be an important story.

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