Tuesday, October 16, 2018

EU Article 13 will affect US users of social media (EFF explanation)

Electronic Frontier Foundation offers an update on the European Union Article 13 implementation, by Cory Doctorow, predicting “EU Internet Censorship Will Censor the Whole World Internet” 
Doctorow gives an example with Twitter and interactions of several individuals in different countries. But it’s also possible to maintain that the really big social media companies may not have much trouble with the actual pre-screening (although it is to include text as well as images and video).  
The rollout is expected to take about a year or two after another vote in early 2019, and it can lead to different implementations by country.  Spain, for example, already has the strictest link tax, predicated on not allowing publishers to lowball one another out of collecting it. 
A big question would be how it affects web hosts operating in multiple countries.

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