Thursday, September 06, 2018

European science group guarantees open access for its publications by 2020; publishing industry cries Chicken Little

Jack Andraka, who should be back soon from his Truman scholarship assignment in Sierra Leone, tweeted a story about open access: The European Science Coalition has announced that by 2020, any peer-reviewed paper it publishes must be available to the public without a paywall. 

The Science Foundation story by Martin Enserink is here

The academic publishing community is resisting, however, claiming that publishing with strict peer controls would not be sustainable.

Andraka has often said that without open access (effectively through the lab at the University of Maryland) he could not have come up with his pancreatic cancer test.  He also says that it would have been difficult to even propose the project to get his foot in the door to do the project, on his own resources.
Picture: By Laura Lartigue - USAID website [dead link], Public Domain, Link   Sierra Leone had a civil war around the year 2000 which Sebastian Junger wrote about in Vanity Fair. My own mother's caregiver before she passed away had emigrated from Sierra Leone. 

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