Saturday, September 08, 2018

EU will hold critical meeting on Copyright Directive (Articles 11 and 13) Sept. 12, and the timeline and probable outcome is quite uncertain

I’ll make this one quick:  The European Union “parliament” (I won’t get into their political processes) will debate Articles 11 (the “link tax”) and Article 13 (mandatory pre-screening for copyright infringement) September 12, 2018 in Brussels.  There are reports that it will vote then but it is not completely clear if that is so, or if debate comes later. Here's the agenda link from the EU itself  (I can’t get this site to connect under https – that alone is interesting and alarming.)
There are various “Chicken Little” posts popping up right now, which I summarized here

But I wanted to draw particular attention to an overlooked blog post by Glyn Moody, the italicized quote in the middle   JURI (apparently Voss) sees the low-cost “competition” with legacy media from blogs and sites like mine as an existential threat to people’s jobs that should not be allowed.  It’s not about piracy or plagiarism – it is simply about “gratuitous” speech as a way of building a reputation.
A critical issue if this goes into effect (maybe the start of 2019) is whether if affects posts outside the EU (in the US) hosted by companies that can operate in the EU.  My guess is that hosting companies can segregate their operations by country legally when they have to – because technology companies did that when I was working. 

 This sounds like one of Nicholas Taleb's "Skin in the Game" issues. 

Update: Later today

Moody tells me on Twitter that the final vote should happen in early 2019.  So maybe we have a little more time. 

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