Monday, August 13, 2018

The Twitter Purge II? Peter Van Buren (like this is a movie franchise?)

Former state department official Peter Van Buren (whistleblower “We Meant Well”) recently appeared on Fox News to explain the inexplicable – Twitter’s banning him for life, as in the American Conservative
He admitted to journalists that feeding them lies had been part of his job, and challenged them to question officials more.  But Twitter has apparently refused to explain exactly what tweet banned him, or how he was threatening.

But one tweet as an obviously metaphor on MAGA was complained ("tattletaled")  about as "violence". The video at about 10:00 explains (like this was Vox). 
Then Zerohedge reports Twitter suspended two more Libertarian accounts, including the head of the Ron Paul Institute.  All of this sounds like a petty food fight in middle school. 

The article reviews all the actions against Alex Jones, which Twitter did not follow suit on.  But the article regards the “Corportocracy” rather than Russia as the real enemy of democracy.  It says that the major social media platforms are acting as quasi-publishers with editorial slants, and are falling for the extreme “intersectional” demands of the radical Left  -- that are deeply invested in protecting group identity and are far afield from individual rights (even marriage equality) the way we had come to expect. 

But it does seem that the true conservatives (not the alt-right so much) are getting banned sometimes. 

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