Friday, August 03, 2018

NRA cites concern over media perils as it says it may be forced to curtail most operations; EFF on on Cody Wilson's 3D-printing blueprints site

The National Rifle Association is warning that it’s operation may be in jeopardy as it loses access to financial services and to media perils insurance for its broadcasts and publications, Rolling Stone story by Tim Dickinson here

The NRA has filed legal action against New York State, shown here

The mention of media perils insurance caught my eye.  The National Writers Union tried to assist bloggers in getting it in an unsuccessful attempt in 2001 (particularly for writers with LTGBT subjects), and there was some more activity in this regard in 2008, shortly before the financial crisis.
Generally, no one is required to have insurance to have a hosted website, for example.  The tone of the article makes me wonder if this issue is coming back.

The article gives the students at Parkland High (that is David Hogg et al) for pressuring major institutions to cut off the NRA, and this seems to influence the lawsuit. The media is giving one charismatic teenager the status of a Marvel super hero who can make everyone do what he wants. Welcome to Smallville! (Oh, that's DC Comics.) 

Also, in the 3-D printing case of Cody Wilson (July 30), Electronic Frontier Foundation has a major legal analysis by Kit Walsh here on what’s at stake, for areas way outside of gun control – generally in the downstream liability (like Section 230) area.  This is back to the question, when amy I my brother’s keeper?

Update: Saturday, Aug. 4

I had two other events today (Outwrite DC, and then a forum on FOSTA in Alexandria sponsored by Woodhull), but there was a rally at NRA Headquarters 15 miles from the DC line at US 50 and I-66 Saturday afternoon, which I could not make.  Students from Marjory Stoneman in Broward County FL were there.  I don't know if David Hogg was there (he was in South Carolina recently).  I certainly would look forward to meeting him.  WJLA7 News has a detailed report with many videos (which I did not have the opportunity to make myself today).  Unlike Chickenman ("He's everywhere!"), I can't make copies of myself, yet. 

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