Thursday, August 30, 2018

I post an article on electric power grids' security on Medium, asking mainstream media to take this problem more seriously

Today I have posted my first article on Medium, “Mainstream media needs to take electric grid security seriously; its peril is more immediate than climate change”, link here

Medium is a low-cost member subscription platform, which in practice reaches a pretty wide audience on trendy topics.  The overall political slant seems to be generally “neoliberal”, although there are some writers advocating socialism (like Umair Haque, whose moral vision is certainly interesting and controversial).

I am starting to experiment a bit with other platforms, as a way to gain more traction and “credibility”.  This seems to be a good idea given the political climate regarding the role of user generated content on Web and on social media.

I expect to put a version of this article on my Wordpress news blog next week, possibly after an interview that I expect to have Tuesday with a cybersecurity expert.

I have posted links to it on Facebook and Twitter, and may promote it next week on my formal Facebook page (which is different from the account). I expect to talk to some media outlets about this issue directly in the coming weeks.
Let’s get back to the topic:  the mainstream media is not adequately covering the existential threats to out way of life that asymmetric enemy “Black Swan” attacks on the grid (especially from those like North Korea who could decide they have “nothing to lose”).  Fox (“conservative’) is still paying a lot more attention to this problem than is CNN, and Vox is somewhat ambivalent.  Huffington, however, has started to cover it.

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Bill Boushka said...

Here's an article on how the energy "free market" is not working in Texas during a record cold spell (Feb 16, 2021)