Saturday, August 04, 2018

Facebook seems to be banning domestic but nationwide activism accounts for "meddling", perhaps incorrectly

Facebook, in its zeal to remove foreign fake accounts, seems to be removing some legitimate nationwide activism accounts, too. Kate Conger and Charlie Savage have a front page story Saturday, August 4, 2018 in the New York Times describing how a national group “Resisters” got taken down after local activists groups (often more specific as to intersectionality) tried to communicate with them, asking the national groups not to overrun local efforts.

I personally don’t get involved in group protests (other than to film them, which might violate the “skin in the game” idea).

But it’s clear that it will be very difficult for social media platforms to police “meddling” in any way that is morally consistent and effective.  We have a problem with a culturally illiterate user base that is large enough to really matter in what happens.

Update: Aug. 6

Electronic Frontier Foundation, in a piece by Karen Gullo and Jullian C. York, describe how Facebook fumbled the "anti Unite-the-Right" organizing. But the intersectionality of local groups was part of the problem, too. 

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