Sunday, July 01, 2018

Twitter purges continue, and seem based on ideology sometimes: Miranda X Yardley's story

I came across a bizarre case of a person’s being banned from Twitter for life.  This seems to be the narrative of MirandaXYardley, who had owned the Twitter handle of “@TerrorizerMir”.  Miranda claims she was banned for a tweet in which she wrote merely “Aimee Challenor is a man”.

That tweet refers to a transgender (male-female) young adult who is conspicuous in Britain’s Green Party and has also been (probably appropriately) critical of Brexit.

Miranda claims she is stating a biological fact (I don’t know what Aimee’s situation is with respect to physical or medical transition). 

I suppose that one could say, however, that the statement “Bill Boushka is a girl” would show the same kind of unacceptable hate or animus if someone wrote that.  When I was a boy, sometimes people said that.  The scope of all this gets beyond this blog, but I did not experience the same emotions of a transgender child, as in the short film “Pink”, for example.

So then, this sounds like a political position on whether a person has a right to be known only by the gender “he/she/they” choose, regardless of any medical situation.  I’ve been for moderation on this sort of question, and pretty much not taken too much interest in, for example, “bathroom bills”.  I do think that, with professional supervision, minors should be able to change birth certificates (in school systems, too) in some circumstances (Gavin Grimm) but these are infrequent in proportion to other things.

Miranda goes on and argues that Twitter’s behavior is a threat to women (I somewhat agree), ironically if Twitter is coming from “the politically correct Left”.   BBC writes that Twitter bans anyone who threatens “trans ideology”, which seems to be in a zero-sum game battle with feminism. Would misuse of pronouns (refusal to use "they" in a grammatically incorrect singular) qualify as abuse?
Owen Benjamin talks about why he got banned from Twitter – including something he said about David Hogg.  Well, David is mature enough not to be bothered by what Owen allegedly said (however crass and so obviously untrue that it has to be a crude joke, or “satire”), and David is not a threat to take away your guns if you bought them and use them properly.
Milo Yiannopoulos had given a reasonable defense of his Twitter altercation with Leslie Jones in his book – but he got banned.
The Purge in December seems to be just getting started.  But the whole story shows how combative identity politics is getting. 

Update: Tues. July 3

Ian Shapira describes in the Washington Post an incident with attorney Elmer Woodward, now defending the Charlottesville white supremacists on free speech grounds, where he called a plaintiff's client person (Emily Gorcenski) a man (by birth) when she ("they") was a male-female transgender person. 

Personally, I use the pronoun the person desires. 

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