Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Facebook suspends some more quasi-Russian accounts; we really need consolidated paywalls

Facebook reports suspending at least 32 accounts with pages that behaved in a suspicious manner, trying to spread fake or divisive news to certain populations, link .

  Facebook believes the sites are overseas and may be Russian, but the IP tracing seems to be much more laundered than before.  Facebook believed that the meddling was aimed at the 2018 midterms as well as increasing tribal and social divisiveness. 
Some of the accounts tried to push material on upcoming rallies in Washington. Some had names like “Blac Elevation” and “Eliminate ICE”. 
However, it is disturbing that so many Facebook users are illiterate and gullible when it comes to receiving news.

I have noticed that not only do most local newspapers have paywalls now (as well as big city papers), but also so do many periodical commentary sites – the trend among the latter has increased sharply in recent months.  Many links I give require paywall subscription to view more than a few articles a month.   
As I have noted before, I think Facebook could help by organizing consolidated paywall accounts, by which users could pick up to maybe 10 reputable publications for a much lower annual price than the sum of them individually, and could invite reputable newspapers and editorial sites to join.

We really need to get users into the habit of visiting legitimate newspaper sites (including local) and more professional commentary.  Of course, I appreciate your visiting me, but I try to refer you to legitimate stories.  
Using “private windows”, or multiple browsers and multiple laptops or phones or tablets could help with the free allowance.

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