Monday, July 09, 2018

California data privacy bill could prove a boondoggle for most business websites in 2020

California has apparently passed an initiative privacy bill, to go into effect 1/1/2020, which Mike Masnick on Techdirt calls “a disaster in the making”.  

The article even suggests that most business websites would have to develop a separate version for California, but won’t other states join in?

I don’t know if this could affect Adsense, or Amazon associate ads, for example.  These companies could probably put their privacy controls inside their images as methods dependent on the location of the IP address receiving the content. I haven’t seen them make any changes for the EU GDPR, which has been overtaken by the controversies over the Copyright Directive (put off until September for now).
Also, here’s an article on how to deal with “information clutter” in your own Internet experience.

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