Sunday, June 17, 2018

"Timcast" video re-examines the question of men taking risks to protect women and children in hostile emergencies

Tim Pool, on his “Timcast” on YouTube, examines an ethical dilemma in his 13 minute video “Why Men Are Refusing to Help Women and Children”. (The video is part of Patreon.) 

When I spotted the video, my first reaction was to wonder if this would be a tome about the responsibilities that go with gender, in some older-fashioned views. Yup, right now, I’m reading Leonard Sax’s “Why Gender Matters”.

The video starts with an account of a woman in London shaming two middle aged men on the underground subway who went to another car rather than help her when a mentally ill man attacker her.  The woman blamed to two “cowards”, not the perp.

But the Tim goes into other cases where “good samaritans” were blamed, or sometimes criminally charged (or even suspected of illicit motives with minors) when they went to the aid of a woman or child.  

Tim also mentions the problems with the NRA's "good guy with a gun" argument.  David Hogg should watch this video! 
I’ve encountered a few such situations myself.  One of these I explored here.  But, yes, as I’ve also explored the problem on Aug. 12, 2014 here (“Personal Ethics” label). I think this video could supplement a discussion of Nicholas Taleb's recent "Skin in the Game" book. 

Update: June 19

What if you witness an auto accident and are not involved.  Do you have to stop?  Should you?  Here is what one lawyer in Florida writes

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