Wednesday, June 06, 2018

The "husband as sole provider" idea is not dead

Here is (another) Intellectual Takeout article, this time by John Elliott, with some relevance to my own life, with a bit of abnegation (as from the “Divergent” books and movies) thrown in for good measure.

No controversy about some of them, like, how much debt. 
It’s the last one, “Will you let me be a stay-at-home mom?”  It seems rather alien to myself to feel sexual interest in someone who will become dependent on me.  But in the past I did not value the idea of having my own children at all.  In later years, I have some reason to question my previous indifference.

Generally, I.T. presents itself as a libertarian site, and many of the articles are such. But this article seems to point to the idea that gender confers obligation regardless of one's choices.  I can remember a time back in the 1950s when a woman's magazine article (why did I read it?) wrote, "who would you rather have a college degree, you, or your husband?" 

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