Monday, June 18, 2018

Startups use blockchain technology to fund new small newspapers

After layoffs from the cost-cutting hedge fund that owned the Denver Post, some journalists and editors are forming their own newspaper, the Colorado Sun.  Jaclyn Peiser reports in the New York Times Monday here.

They are assisted by Civil Media Company, which will use blockchain technology and its own crypto currency to start over 1000 publications, the story reports. People who purchase their currency tokens gain voting interests in the media companies. 

Civil’s site, “the decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism”, is here.  The Kickstarter site for the Denver operation is here.

It will take some more study to see how this works and whether it could apply to what I do.
Wikipedia attribution link for Denver skyline by Hogs555, CCSA 3.0  My own last visit was in 1994.  There is actually a Quebec street near the airport. 

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