Friday, June 01, 2018

"Intersectional" complaints against food businesses could spread to other areas (including Internet sites)

I think I was most recently in Portland OR in 1996 for meetings on my book.  But lately the social justice warriors have attacked small food businesses there to absurd ends.

Andy Ngo has a revealing op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, “Would you like some strife with your meal?

These were mostly locally branded businesses, not (trademarked) franchises.

In one case a restaurant was forced by harassment to change its name because it seemed to be supporting “colonialism”.  Well, Anthony Bourdain has criticized that on his visit to the Congo.

I don’t see how “white people” selling burritos from a truck is “stealing Mexican culture”. (By the way, a lot of people who self-identify to Census as Hispanic are of largely European heritage if you go back far enough.)  Later, other ethnic restaurants were harassed for taking away market share from down to earth places owned by “POC”.  I usually prefer regular “MAGA” food when I travel, but the idea is stupid.

There does seem to be a case of a bakery not properly serving a black person (this is not Masterpiece Cakeshop), and that is legitimate to complain about.  It’s fine for Starbucks to close everywhere for diversity training for an afternoon, by the way.

The market share complaint could spread to other areas.  For example, my blogs, they way I run them, might take away “market share” from partisan (especially Leftist) sites begging for money.

The most absurd idea of all reported in the article is the “Reparations Happy Hour”.

No, the art work today is not from Portland.

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