Wednesday, June 20, 2018

GDPR makes browser fingerprinting "illegal"; CA proposes bill to get rid of bots

Electronic Frontier Foundation is warning webmasters that browser fingerprinting will be illegal in the EU under the GDPR, as in this story by Katarzyna Szymielewicz and Bill Buddington, link

Browser fingerprinting can look at browser settings of a visitor and distinguish from all other visitors, for ad tracking.

This would be illegal under the GDPR with notifying users and allowed opt-in.

From what I can see, a site using Blogger and adsense, or using Wordpress and the most common plugins, would not create a problem. But some plugins for adware probably do.

There is also concern about a bill in California, SB1001, which would make it illegal to use an automated account or bot to connect with citizens in the state without notifying them (story).

There are concerns that hackers could cause legitimate sites to be marked as bots.

You can see Yahoo! 's story in the "Bots and Ballets" series about concerns over the fake news propaganda bots and the 2018 midterms here. Tribalized voters need to become more literate. 

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