Friday, May 11, 2018

Websites with "alt-right" names registered by a company that supported Trump's lawyer; seems to relate to tech company concerns about extremist-connected content-providing customers

A number of websites with “alt-right” included in the domain name, or with bizarre names suggesting spammy content, were registered to a company Columbus Nova, a company that paid a lot of money to Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, according to a story that broke on CNN Thursday night. 
The story gets notice now because recently some hosting providers and domain registrars have unplugged some sites associated with the “alt-right” as reported here Saturday May 5.

The upcoming ending of network neutrality (right now, on June 11) could conceivably open the doors to some US telecom providers to allow connection to some sites.  Most providers are saying they will not block “lawful” content.  It is possible that some sites associated with illegal foreign operations would be unlawful?
Gradually, there seems to be a developing sense that hosting providers may need to “know their customers”, like in finance.

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