Saturday, May 12, 2018

Calling for more transparency in content moderation by social media and even hosting platforms

FOSTA has left social media and even hosting companies with the “moderator’s dilemma”, which Senator Wyden tried to fix at the last moment.  Then a few weeks later the House holds a hearing on abusive moderation and censorship practices!

Nicholas Suzor has an article exploring how social media posts get moderated.  YouTube is by far the most transparent, as many posts get taken down in the first two weeks, largely for copyright (DMCA) issues, sometimes for obvious hate speech.

Suzor also mentions his group’s publication of the “Santa Clara Principles”, here.

Sometimes posts are removed as “spam” also.  Blogger has had big issues with this, particularly around the time of 2008 (ironically, shortly before the financial crisis).  The appeal process, according to many reports, was not always very transparent.
In contradictions to the value of anonymous speech, platforms might, out of future downstream liability concerns, become much more concerned about the identity and motives or “business model” of the user or speakers. 

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