Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tribal societies expect men to sacrifice themselves for women and children

Suzanne Fields, who has a syndicated column in the conservative paper “The Washington Times”, has a rather old-fashioned column about cis masculinity, “A Good Man Is Still Hard to Find”.   

There is an interesting quote from Sebastian Junger, which may be a little out of context (although Junger’s “The Tribe” says some of these things).

Suzanne lays it on the line when she quotes Joyce Benson’s definition of a man, as someone you can depend on in dealing with an enemy.  Men by definition have to allow themselves to become fungible within the tribe.  She means that four of the men who died in the Aurora shooting died shielding women.

To say the least, some of us have trouble dealing with this being expected when we grow up.  But that’s how it was in the days we had a male-only draft.
George Gilder had indulged in this kind of thinking in his book “Men and Marriage” (1986), which had rewritten “Sexual Suicide” (1973).

Now we see the idea coming back in debates on what we now expect of teachers.  But laying your self on the line has crossed tribal and familial lines in modern society.  Look at the openness to offer organ donations online, something not possible when I was growing up.
 Another good piece to look at is "The Anthropology of Manhood" by Sebastian Junger (March 2018) in National Review. 

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