Thursday, April 26, 2018

"The Filtering Practices of Social Media Platforms": House Judiciary Committee holds hearing today

There is a hearing at the House of Representatives today. With the House Judiciary Committee, “The Filtering Practices of Social Media Platforms” at 10 AM today in the Rayburn building, with the main link here.   I haven’t been able to find live video coverage anywhere yet. 
Electronic Frontier Foundation has an article by Corynne McSherry and India McKinney, “Platform censorship won’t fix the Internet”  where EFF submitted a statement in advance (embedded PDF) here. The statement mentions an instance where some LGBTQ videos were put into restricted mode (age verification by sign in) by YouTube.   I usually won’t embed videos in restricted mode.

The EFF article suggests that it was suddenly disinvited from speaking.  I don’t know why.
Censorship debate certainly has focused on FOSTA and Backpage recently, but also on protecting minors (the COPA case of the 2000’s). But more recently censorship has included terror, violence promotion, weapons, fake news or election manipulation (itself an obscure issue dating back to the early 2000’s – I’ve covered it here before), white supremacy, and even some new trends like Incel (the Toronto incident).  “Gratuitous speech” and “implicit content” could come up as issues, and they are much more subtle.  (See the Facebook guidelines on Monday, April 23 posting).

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