Monday, April 23, 2018

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg really did conquer the world the way an alien would!; FB finally publishes new objectional content guidelines and tackles meta-speech

On GMA on ABC this morning, as I had a “free” vegan sausage (party) in hotel bar, I saw Aleksandr Kogan “apologize” for his “misuse” of Facebook consumer data, as in this New York Times story from Matthew Rosenberg.  Kogan’s historical perceptions and his rationalization of them at the time were interesting to me (as they would be to Dr. Phil).  The article reviews why Facebook thought it had taken care of the problem in 2015.

Then Amanda Taub and  Max Fisher explore “Where countries are tinderboxes and Facebook is a match” here, with a flaming gif illustration.

Facebook was designed for western countries with strong institutions to buffer social stability against mobs.  But even in the West, as we saw, tribalism erupted after 2014, as we saw from BLM and then the “alt-right”.   

Brian Resnick’s article on what draws people to extremism (the alt-right) even in the US is rather unsettling.

Update: April 24

Chris Wylie, the "gay vegan" software genius (there are others  -- he reminds me of Danganronpa in Reid Ewing's world) who blew the whistle, will testify before Congress soon and offers this advice on how to fix Facebook. 

Further: April 24 

Facebook has released its objectionable content policy, here.  Look at the "hard questions" regarding meta-speech under the hate speech area.

Chris Farivar of Ars Technica remarks that Facebook is finally "telling its users what's allowed". 

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