Saturday, March 10, 2018

Youngest adults are getting away from social media

A third of Millennials say that they are quitting conventional social media, especially Facebook and Twitter (that is, those media that act as publishing forums – they kept Snapchat, which I don’t use), UK story. Medium weighs in on this more deeply.  There is a real trend with those born (or maybe conceived) in 1994 or later (23 or younger).

I am the reverse.  I like using social media as a passive publishing forum, and keeping some of my social relationships off line (maybe about 50-50).  Not everyone needs to be a friend or follower on my Facebook or Twitter accounts.  I haven’t gotten into Instagram much – time.  And I don't need to have Facebook pimp me to send birthday greetings or run "other people's" fundraisers.  

There’s another problem – so many people don’t trust even “reputable” “mainstream” media outlets, even with conventional fact checking and more rigorous publication processes. 

There is a problem – when to become receptive to the outside world outside your own bubble or tribe or extended family --- when it can really affect you.
You can invert that idea and understand how the doomsday prepper thinks – self-sufficiency (within the family unit) is a mandatory virtue, which helps feed the Second Amendment debate.

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