Friday, March 30, 2018

Music Modernization Act might actually help some wannabe music creators

In a post that could be correlated with my music and drama blog, I wanted to mention new legislation contemplated in Congress, a Music Modernization Act (HR 4706) to create a more robust and responsive system to compensate songwriters, composers and music publishers when the composers’ works are played on digital services like YouTube. 

Mitch Stolz of Electronic Frontier Foundation explains the act in a post here. The article does have some reservations in that the bill may favor establishe music publishers and distributors as opposed to self-published artists.   The article also mentions some other legislation that could politicize copyright in the direction of work an administration favors.
The article is critical of the bill’s picking winners with a Classics act, that strengthens copyright for recordings made before 1972 (when I was engaged in my own vinyl record collecting).

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