Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Google News and its journalistic standards; Mark Zuckerberg makes a statement just now

I recently ran across the Google News Initiative, “Elevating quality journalism on theopen web” article. 
I also wasn’t aware that publishers could submit their work to Google News for consideration, as here

It would be hard to say whether they could normally consider only established news outlets.  They might prefer local news outlets. 

As a blogger, I generally try to connect the dots between different stories and issues, and indicate significance beyond the hard facts.

But I have also tried to emphasize reporting on events where I was present and was an eyewitness.  
These may be events I have gone to, but sometimes I may stumble onto them, as in New York City in September 2016 right after the attempted bombing on 23rd Street.  I missed being injured by that blast by about two hours as I had walked past it that evening.  One or two photos of mine appeared on evening news broadcasts in DC. 

It’s interesting to wonder if news standards would affect how stories are indexed in the search engine.  

CNBC was the first to break Mark Zuckerberg’s statement on Cambridge Analytica, just now, here. This is definitely reputable news. Zuckerberg will appear on CNN tonight. 

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