Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Teacher in Louisiana adopts one of her students, breaking the usual norms of distance

A 24 year old single (white) female elementary teacher (Chelsea Haley) for “Teach for America” went out of the box completely in adopting an underprivileged (African American) boy and his brother, as reported on ABC Good Morning America.
It’s hard to imagine volunteering to become a single parent, before having one’s own children (if possible) and before marriage (if possible).  In fact, teachers have typically been discouraged from interacting with students away from the job. In fact, when I worked as a substitute teacher, my “inaction” in some situations became a problem.

But the normal social distance that I grew up with and that was part of the culture now seems to be a problem.

I wanted to add to yesterday’s post about Internet mistakes (as Dr. Phil has called them) or mishaps, that there was also case in the summer of 2016 (well before the election) when a FB message (with political significance) that I had sent to someone and his answer were deleted by the other person.  This has happened only once.  I didn’t see anything wrong with what we said, but I guess he would rather have carried out this conversation on Snapchat, which I don’t use.

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