Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Some sites will offer allowing ads as alternative to paywalls, and some may offer bitcoin mining

Some sites are offering visitors a choice between allowing ads (disabling ad blockers) or paying subscriptions, as they say they cannot stay in business without revenue.  Atlantic will start the process on April 10 (source: Digiday )

The Atlantic announced this policy as it converts to https, which Google and other search engines prefer.

The Verge reports that Salon is allowing users the option of allowing their sites to run a javascript embed that mines for cryptocurrency.  This may increase electricity or battery consumption, and might be bad for the motherboard (overheating) of some computers.  The script comes from CoinHive.  Trend rates that site as safe but others consider it unacceptable and classify it as malware.  Webmasters should be wary of invitations to run third party scripts on their sites.

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