Monday, February 12, 2018

For first time ever, Facebook marks a couple of my comments with URL's as "spam"

It doesn’t happen often, but on rare occasions I get my fingers slapped on the Internet.  (We used that term when I worked for the Navy Department and people got demerits if they left anything out on their desks when they went home.  In middle school we called it getting detention.)

Like over Thanksgiving weekend in 2015 an otherwise good friend in the music world blocked me on Twitter, and no one else ever has.

Sunday morning, as I was about to go out for the day, I found a story on Facebook in the news feed from local television station WJLA (liberal, but belonging to Sinclair, conservative) on a science fair in California removing a student exhibit on race and IQ, along the lines perhaps of some of Charles Murray’s past work. I made one comment to the effect that the performance on IQ tests in various groups can be influenced by accumulated environmental factors, such as health and poverty and even past colonialism, as in sub-Saharan Africa.  I then tried to add two more references on the issue on the superior results from Asian populations, one of them from “8Asians” and one from the New York Times.

I added these as separate comments, because Facebook will preview only one URL per post. I quickly got notifications that they were marked as spam.  Soon the disappeared from the WJLA post.  I tried to combine them as one post and that also got marked.

So I shared the WJLA story to my own timeline and added the separate comments to my own timeline and those book took.

The notification invited me to review the comment and once let me mark one as not spam. But then the review button just took me to the top of the WJLA feed.

Looking around, it seems that now Facebook may be marking as spam a second comment on a post if made less than an hour after the first comment.  I’ve done this before, however, without incident.
Yet I’ve heard of cases where people say most of their comments get rejected. 

I made single comments (not multiple) on other feeds Sunday, and so far, no Facebook jail.
Of course, the subject matter of the originating post is sensitive stuff to some people, gratuitous to some, and an inconvenient truth for others.  
Yet I keep getting pimped to create funding drives, wave at people, honor birthdays, etc.  That isn’t my “brand” to behave that way.

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