Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Credit card companies may refuse to do gun business; could this spread to speech areas (as last summer with extremist web sites)?

Andrew Ross Sorkin, yes, the screenwriter, writes Tuesday in the New York Times, “Congress fails to curb guns; could bankers?” 

There is talk that the credit card industry will refuse to accept transactions for most private gun sales. That could certainly slow them down.  Paypal has already done so, since Peter Thiel existed.  Cards apparently cannot be used now to purchase digital currency.

The idea has already surfaced with condom sales.

This reminds me of the flak last summer after Internet companies refused to host at least one alleged "white supremacist site", the Daily Stormer (and maybe others). 

You can put this all together and imagine private regulation of some sort of social contract as to how people behave.

Put this all together, if you will, with George Soros: (Milo’s own recent account ).
You could see public speech that is privately driven and funded without accountability as adding to social instability – and that would not be good for me.  You could imagine, for example, expecting community engagement as the price for being heard.  Or, else, you pick a tribe.
I’ll add in here a Washington Post report on a new law in Germany requiring private companies to identify and delete hate speech  

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