Saturday, February 10, 2018

Controversy over dating apps and "pseudo-discrimination" in people's personal choices; Facebook pushes for more social interaction

The site “Intelligence-squared debates” offers his video on “Dating apps and discrimination”.

The short video discussion seems to imply that some people believe that refusing to date someone of another race is a sign of discrimination or bigotry.

A lot of us are fine with the idea of people dating and marrying (and having children by) other adults of their own choosing, including those of other races.  It’s a long stretch to say that not wanting to creates a problem.  This is an idea Milo Yiannopoulos would have called “Dangerous”.

I do remember the scene for (heterosexual) singles clubs as far back as 1970, as in southern New Jersey at the time, when clubs said that, because they were private, they were for one race only.
I’ve noticed at gay discos that minority women will approach me to dance (when I’m “watching” as if I were in the movie “Scanners”) and get upset if I don’t.

There’s one little distractor that doesn’t get mentioned openly very much.  Caucasian males (perhaps because of evolution in mostly colder and darker climates away from the Equator, and maybe even with some distant past Neanderthal mixing) typically have more visible body hair than most males of other races.  That can mediate ideas of sexual attractiveness in a population, as well as how children will look.   This is common with animals (bird species vary in whether males have colorful plumage; male lions, being social animals, have manes but tigers, very closely related but solitary, do not).  There should be a scientific term for this.

I’ve noticed that Facebook is starting to get a little more aggressive in trying to get users to interact personally more.  I get notifications of people (usually women) “waving” and to “wave back”, at at 74 U have to say that online flirting is unwelcome.  Lately I’ve started using the check-in feature, because I do want a few friends to know specific places I visited. Facebook keeps asking me to review the place (maybe it’s only once per place). It won’t allow you to use any external url’s in the review (which does not go on your timeline).  If you want to use a url, you have to write a separate update to your timeline. Thursday I used an LA Fitness for the first time after renewing (on a telemarketing call), and got attention on Facebook for a whimsical picture from there of male laser hair removal.  Ties in to what I talked about a few paragraphs above.  Is that what equality means, make everyone the same?  That’s commie-pinko.

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