Thursday, February 08, 2018

Are we too stuck up for small talk with people very different from us? When does it need to "go get personal"?

I had a bizarre experience at dinner tonight in a steak house near Bailey’s Crossroads.

I ordered a six-ounce steak, salad, mashed potatoes, at the bar as the place was pretty full for a weeknight.

Next to me a disheveled African American man sat, with a somewhat foreign accent.  He tried to start a conversation. He asked me which knife was the steak knife.  His steak was larger than mine, and he asked me if I wanted it.  Then as I pulled out my silver visa card to pay for the meal, he offered to pay for it.

I wanted to get out of there. I even left one set of car keys there but they were still on the bar five minutes later when I noticed my mistake.

So, how many of us are willing to talk to strangers who don’t seem to belong to our cognitive space?  
So these social barriers need to be broken down at a personal level? Do the norms of dealing with unwelcome social overtures need to be overcome?  (I write in passive voice.) 

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